While a will describes what the intent of the deceased was at the time of death, a living will describes the intent of the incapacitated person who is still living. When the person is no longer able to make decisions about their medical care, a living will can be instrumental in determining what the person would have decided. The most common form of a living will is on that directs the hospital or doctor involved to remove the person from life support in the event that they are in a vegetative state or are being kept alive by machines with no hope of recovery.

Having a living will can save family members both emotional grief and money. Without a living will, in Florida, if a person enters a vegetative state, his or her body will typically be kept alive as long as is medically possible to do so. A living will is therefore highly recommended. All wills at The Lassiter Law Firm, P.A. come with a living wills and a durable power of attorney.

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