It is very important to write down the details of an accident as soon as possible after the incident so that important details are not lost. It is always important to file a police report if someone hits your car. Never accept a statement that they will “pay you later” or an offer to settle this “without insurance.” Not only is it damaging to your case, it is also against the law to leave the scene of an accident before the police have documented it. Also, be sure the get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses that can be found. Never be afraid to ask for witnesses. Most importantly, seek medical attention if needed. Do not worry about getting a witness until you are certain that you are not in need of medical attention. You should always get medical care for any injuries within 48 hours of the accident to protect your legal rights.

Damages which are often included in auto accidents include car repair bills, lost wages, medical expenses, permanent injury, property damage, cost of car rental, as well as pain and suffering.

Remember that any statement you make, recorded or in writing to the insurance company can be used against you in court. It is advisable to speak with an attorney before making a statement. If you do make a statement, be sure that you have your facts straight or you may wind up testifying against yourself.

In trucking accidents, there is an increased chance of injury because of the weight and increased instability of trucks. Because of the increased risks, truck drivers have an increased responsibility while driving.

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